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The long distance award goes to Jay Archer,  who drove from St. Joseph, MO to Erie to get his plow installed at Jerre's. Kyle Wheeler  did a flight to Charlotte, NC, then to Middletown, MA
then to Erie and headed back home. Not including the flight hes got 1750 and change in mileage Beating out Brendan (Crystal, MN) and almost beating out Jay Archer (with 1882 miles).

Fred Pickering - Midland, Michigan

Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

"Its been almost 500hrs on my Blizzard and almost a year ago when I met so many of you in Erie at the time I was to questioning whether the Blizzard was gonna be a good choice. So many big contractors up here thought I was nuts for buying one, because we have no service even close. After all the help, and "tech classes", and spare parts Jerre gave me, (and classes to everyone that attended the Erie get together) I left feeling pretty good about my purchase. Well after getting home in April I never used the thing til this year. We got a major storm on Thanksgiving day. How Jerre knew this is beyond me, but anyway driving along plowing, phone rings "hey focker" [ inside joke] says the voice "How do you like it"? I said "like what the blizzard"? Oh I said it was Jerre. Well I knew an hour into that storm I had found me a knew love with the 810.
Jerre has called and gave me help on my other stuff, always checking on me. I can't begin to say thanks enough Jerre for what you have done for our company. I have bought close to 13 plows since being in business from a dealer 40 minutes away, never once have they ever offered help, or advise, or even given anything but hassles on Westerns I have bought . So now after 500hrs of plow time on this Blizzard, I cant believe for a guy that's 6hrs from me, (that in my opinion I feel like he's living in my house), I don't worry about breaking. I honestly know Jerre would have me back up and running quicker than my old dealer 40 minutes from here.

Most on here I know have installed there own, and some would say why didn't I do my own with my background well there's a thing called "business loyalty", and respect for another man's trade. I know Jerre would help anyone who asks, but I know I sure would feel inch high to ask him for help on something he didn't even install, or make any revenue from, but that's me .

Anyway thanks Jerre, not for just your constant checking on me, but for your friendship, and great service. Thanks for plowing with me for hours at a time, talking on cells for sometimes two to three hours, while I am plowing. Thanks for the calls at midnight, cheering me up, when all I have for company is the sound of the diesel, and the thoughts of my ticking time bomb for a tranny to listen to .

And thanks for holding a special 810 proto for me for all this time because I cant stay awake long enough to get there to get it LOL. I will be there for it you have my word and hopefully we all will get together again this April.

My whole point here is give Jerre some business if your thinking about a Blizzard. The install money you save doesn't go very far when you realize you need help, and there's nobody but you to count on, cause you tried to save a few bucks. My install money should have been double for all the great follow up service and constant checking this guy does on his customers! You truly are one of a kind Jerre!

 Thanks! Your friend always,

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  Fred bought his first Blizzard 810 from Jerre in April 2004. Here, in Feb. 2005 Fred is dropping off his 1 year old Western MVP and having a Blizzard 810 installed. He drove 850 miles round trip to get it installed at Jerre's Service!

Fred currently owns 3 Erie Specials, including this 8611 LP


John DiMartino - Orange County, NY

Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

"Fred, great post, and it really hits home. My experience with Jerre, and the 810 have been just like yours. Jerre always goes out of his way to call me, or get me what i need. I am approaching 300hrs on the 810,and the only thing I've done to it besides use it, is replace a few headlight bulbs. I have some extra parts here, but haven't needed them. I've went over the plow with a wrench, but nothing was loose, Jerre, and Mike did a perfect job. Like Fred, I could have easily installed my own plow, bought it cash and carry. After I met Jerre Heyer in Poughkeepsie at the 03 BBQ in October, I really knew how confident ,and knowledgeable he was with the Blizzard plows, in addition to being a heck of a nice guy. Then I seen how he took care of Pelican with his 810,and I knew that I had to go to Jerre to get my 810,even if the ride approached 7 hrs. Since he installed the Sidewing, and 810 I bought from him, I have kept in contact with Jerre, and I have more confidence in him over 6 hrs away than my local Fisher dealer 20 min away. I bought 5 Fishers from my local dealer, they never called once, not once, to see how they worked or if I was happy with them. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with buying your plow from Jerre, I think it has something to do with him being the most knowledgeable Blizzard dealer out there, and how he never lets you feel like your on your own. I'm finally doing the first wrenching my 810 has needed, it's time for a new edge, (Urethane wings, steel center) thanks Jerre for getting me exactly what I wanted in a few days, and at a great price. I will only buy trucks that can handle the Blizzard power plows, and only Jerre Heyer will install the plows, he is that good. Anyone on the fence about either the Blizzard product or going to Jerre, I would advise to go for it, I've never been happier with the product or service I received from Jerre. Thanks again Jerre, for everything."


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Jerre modified the Sidewing plow mount, so
John can still use his Trynex VP8000 Spreader.


Steve Frazier - La Grangeville, NY

Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

"I've got to chime in here too!

I learned of Jerre after I had already purchased my first 810, but I didn't have a local resource at the time for parts or service. He contacted me through another site and our friendship began.

I had a few problems arise with that first plow and called on Jerre to figure out what needed to be done and Jerre treated me as if I had bought 10 plows from him when I hadn't bought one.

When it became apparent that my 810 was going to need professional help, I loaded it on my truck and made the 7 hour trip to Erie and met Jerre at the Erie County Fair of all places! He took me in as if I were an old friend and made me feel as comfortable as family. I left the plow with him and I knew it was in good hands.

Our arrangement was that Jerre would bring the repaired plow to Parker's BBQ in Poughkeepsie, but when he showed up he had a brand new updated 810 with him!!!! He was able to arrange a trade for the same amount that repairs would have cost, I went home with a new plow!!

Jerre has since become a close friend, as I believe he has to many on the Board here. I keep hounding him to open a satellite shop here in the Hudson Valley, but his roots are too deep in Erie. I need an excuse to travel now and then anyway, and believe me, it's worth the trip!!!!

Thanks Jerre for all you do!!"

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Rich - Norwalk, Connecticut

Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

"I have to agree with everything John, Steve and Fred have said. Even though I didn't buy a 810 from Jerre (at least not yet) I bought a 720 for my S10 Blazer. After Fred's install I knew I would be going to Jerre for a plow, There is no one in my area that provides that kind of service and customer care and if I have to travel 7+ hours to get it that's fine by me. After my install I asked what I should take for spare parts he looked at me and said none. And I said fine I fully trust Jerre and the products he sells.
Jerre is a great person and knows his stuff when it comes to plows. I will buy every one of my future plows from him even with the 7+ hour drive it's well worth it for having peace of mind when out plowing, And I know if I ever needed anything I would have it at my door next day. Jerre I wanted to Thank You for a great plow and a great Friendship you truly are a great person."

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Rich Kelso - Wilmington, Ohio

Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

"I have a little different story to tell about Jerre. A friend of the boys Big Joe was looking for a plow for his Dodge. So we called Jerre to see what he had in a used one, had a few things Joe liked. Well Joe decides to go the 5hr trip up to Jerres and pick it up. The evening he is ready to leave we call Jerre to see if the plow is still there, no Mike sold it that afternoon. So I talk to Jerre he says he has a few others on the lot and some new Blizzards. Joes say ok and takes off to Erie. Well to make a long story short Joe comes home with a new 810 in the back of the truck. Jerre was behind on installs and it was going to be a least a week before he could work it in.

Joe comes home with the plow and the boys are going to install it for him. Im chatting with Jerre and some of the guys the night the install starts. Jerre sends me the installation instruction over the Internet to help make the job go much faster. Well Jerre is installing a plow at the same time and chatting with me checking on the boys. The whole time he is making sure they do this and not do that.

We started out ahead of Jerre on the install by about 45 min and Jerre beat us by about and hour. But the whole time he knows what we should be doing and tells me what to tell the boys.

I met Jerre at the get together this past April at his place and like the rest have said Its like we have know each other for ever. And like Fred said anyone who was there got to see how the plows are prepped before they go on the trucks. Mike and Jerre already had the plow together so all we had to do was the install on the truck that was nice.

He has gone way above being just a dealer. Jerre is a true friend.

Jerre even said when I get one for my truck he would paint it yellow for me. 



Rick Reed - Laingsburg, Michigan

Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

"I did not buy my blizzard 810 from the king but I have have used his wisdom more than once and he has always helped me . my plow is now 5yrs old and is not really showing much wear except cutter edge but when i do upgrade rest assured I will travel to Erie to get it done buy the master and for anyone sitting on the fence you will not find a nicer or more knowledgeable guy in the country . Sometimes I think he knows more than company itself. true I probably may have been a pest at times but he has always made feel like I wasn't for this i thank you and promise as soon as i can i will call and make a appointment get a new 810."



Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

Fred we just bought our first Erie Special home last night, they are truly great, well built plows. This is our first Erie Special and it will not be our last. Jerre is a truly great person and him and the boys at Jerre's service build bullet proof plows. They go over every detail and even clean the plow up. I plan to pick up a set of danger wings for my 8ft western in the near future from Jerre. It is worth the 8hr drive to Jerre's just because I know it will be done right. We got number #17 and we are damn proud to own it

Francis Restucci
Wingdale, New York


2004 ford f-550XL dump truck, 6.0 PSD, 4x4, AC, auto, 4.88 gears, BLIZZARD 8611 ERIE SPECIAL #17 GETTIN WIDE ERIE STYLE





Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

8611LP Try out

I finally got to go out with my Erie Special 8611LP. I have to say I am not disappointed at all. It was only a couple of inches of fluffy stuff, but wow.
I have one lot that took me 2 1/2hrs with my Western V. The 8611Lp got it done in 1 1/2hrs and that's the first time out with the 8611LP. I will be adding more Blizzards when the time comes. __________________
2003 F350SD/PS/CC
Blizzard 8611 Lo-Pro Erie Special



8611LP on 99 GMC 4500 Cabover Isuzu NPR style


Wow, 8611LP works excellent. Dad had a lot of local plowers
watching yesterday while pushing our newly fallen 5" around. Truck pushes GREAT! 2.5 ton of salt in the back, makes it feel like a bull dozer. Cut plow time in half on the lots, and she gets it done quick too for the roads we are plowing! Great plow! Next Truck gets another. We made it home Tuesday afternoon, we choose dinner and $1.50 Captain product drinks down the road from the hotel. Roads where clear, we had sunshine 95% of the way home.

Thanks Jerre!!!!!!!!!

Scott Rice


Just Like Christmas

Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

Got my new Blizzard Erie Special yesterday from Jerre wake up this morning and 2 inches of snow to play in. Just like a kid with a new toy Christmas morning. Thanks again Jerre for the professional service and help. I learned more repair fixes as people came in and out with different problems and there was always a fix. The only guy I know that sleeps and eats at the shop when it busy . Talks on 2 phones , be working on a install, a repair plow and electrical diagnose problem all at once. Way to go Jerre. Thanks again Craig
Lake Erie Property Maintenance



Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

Erie Special #22

As some of you in the chat last night already know, Wednesday was the day I made my trek to Erie for my first Blizzard plow. I know how often the praises have been sung as to the professional service you receive from Jerre Heyer and his crew, but I feel it is necessary to give credit for such service when it is experienced.

Let me begin by explaining that Tuesday evening Erie received significant snowfall amount of at least 12", up to 22" in areas. Needless to say, Jerre's was a busy place when I got there in the early afternoon. The events of the day were certainly an eye opener, and definitely reinforce the necessity of preventative maintenance, or any maintenance at all in some cases.

After a long, (and frustrating) afternoon, a determined Tom was bent on ensuring that I would be leaving with my plow. After working endless hours the evening before, I was impressed with his resolution and dedication.

I would like to thank Jerre and the guys - Tom, Shawn, and Mike - for a great purchase experience. They truly do go the extra mile - and it's worth the drive just for the exceptional service. I am looking forward to the benefits of Blizzard ownership, as well as the service provided by Jerre's.

If all holds true, I may be lucky enough to put the bad boy to the test already tonight. If I'm careful, maybe I can get that new plow shine to last as long as Mike has on his plow.

Thanks again Jerre!

Dave H
Lakeside Landscape Inc.




Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

First Run w/ Erie #9

  What a first run!! 12" that turned wet with total white-out conditions. This thing is awesome. Coupled up to the Duramax/Allison it's a snow animal.
Guys have said the 810 is over kill or not useful on the residential drives - wrong. It was just as good in my drives as my big lots. Use one wing to control trail off- awesome. Two car drive - got wide / 2 passes instead of three.

Thank You Jerre - you are the man! -

Herb - Boston, MA

05 GMC 2500HD D/A EC SLT
Blizzard 810 - Erie Special #9



Originally posted on the Discussion Forums

Erie Special #12 Lo-Pro in Action

I am not going to bother with the superlatives. You've heard them. 8+ inches came 2"/hour followed by 45 MPH winds.


Peter Beering,
Beering Enterprises
Indianapolis, Indiana





"I bought a 2004 F-350 with a Blizzard plow on Ebay. I drove 4 hours to
mid- Michigan to pick it up. The truck was a gem, but the trip home was
difficult. It was a very hot day, and the plow kept creeping down as I drove. It
took about 2 miles for it to go from the "up" position to completely down.
As a consequence, the truck wanted to overheat in the up position, but I
couldn't keep it 1 or 2 inches off the pavement because it would spark quickly.

After a long trip of juggling my speed and constantly adjusting the plow
height and angle, we made it home with no damage to the truck.

I noticed a sticker on the plow suggesting that Jerre's service had
installed the plow. I took a chance and called the number on the sticker. Jerre
himself answered and immediately knew who had owned the truck and knew the
entire history of the plow that he had installed.
He walked me through the diagnosis and we concluded that a valve was bad.
He immediately mailed the valve to me and talked me through the repair. It
worked perfectly!!

Jerre didn't know me from Adam but treated me like a longstanding customer.
He was extremely informative and very gracious with each one of my calls. He
is truly a "gem" of a businessman and I will refer anyone that needs a plow
to him and his business.

Thanks again Jerre!!!



Brendan Johnson of Crystal, MN

2005 Ford F350 CC SB FX4 V10
Blizzard 8611LP Erie Special #35


Pics of the install here:



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