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Some pictures of what is involved in the Erie Special Package. In Jerre's own words.


Holes in the Push Beam before they are opened up.

After they are opened up.

Bigger hoses for both supply and return so they are the same hose for both.

Cutting clearance for the manifold flip over.

New brackets for manifold flip on.

Stops for the A frame travel......Stops pin bending....

Manifold shift plate....Re centers pump and manifold on A frame.

Hoses re routed for ease of service.......Extra elbows not installed yet and hoses not dressed off for clearance.


There you have it. Some of the modifications done as part of the Erie Special Package.

- Bigger hoses increase the already speedy wing response speed and make all 4 the same hose for ease of replacement.

- Bigger holes in the front of the Pivot beam give better clearance for hoses when there is a lot of tripping action and reduce the likely hood of rubbing or damage to the hoses.

- Stop nuts keep the A frame from over traveling and using the cylinders as the stops and bending the mounting pins.

- Manifold flip makes it easier to do service and install the hoses for the initial install. This also slightly lowers the center of gravity on the plow unit.




"Erie Special"! "Erie Special" Pics Danger Wings!
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