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There are 137 Erie Specials as of 2/22/2012

The Blizzard Erie Special Package includes:

- Manifold flip
- Larger hoses, Larger wing hoses
- A Frame pivot stops
- Pivot beam updates
- Double wing springs
- Double wing edges, and other minor modifications related to the above.

- Also included are the Erie Special decal and individual Serial #. We do some of these mods regularly ( A frame stops and pivot beam updates ) but the whole package is usually only done on the new plows.

Click Here for some photos of the process.

Additional Options:

- Larger Diameter Lift Cylinder - Great if you are doing a lot of stacking or handling a lot of wet snow. (For Model 810 ONLY)
- Larger Output Pump  (For Model 810 ONLY)
- Heavy Duty Motor - 
- Standard Blizzard Deflector -
- Custom Big Unit Deflector - ( this unit is not for long distance road travel.
- Custom Danger Wings - ( Danger Wings add 2 FEET+ to the width of the plow and attach with two pins ) they turn the 8-10 to be 10-12 in straight blade. They make the blade a 10' scoop plow that is 2' deep.

Package Prices on New Plows -

Erie Special Package on the 810's - Call for pricing..
Erie Special Package on the 8611 Low Pro's - Call for pricing.
Erie Special Package on the 8611 - Call for pricing.

(Note: Combos of 8611Low Pro and 810's are treated like multiple plows.)


There are 107 Erie Specials as of 1/14/09


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