Jerre's Service

Is proud to now offer:

Bolt-On BackDragBlades patented
"Powder Coated"
For Steel Plows Only

Arctic Plows 7.6 8.0    
Boss Super Duty Plows 7.6 8.0 9.0  
Curtis Plows 7.6 8.0 8.6  
Meyer Plows 7.6 8.0 9.0  
Fisher Plows 7.6-RD 8.0-HD    
Western Plows 7.6 Sport Utility 7.6 Pro Series 8.0 Pro Series 9.0 Pro Series

BackDragBlades are designed to be mounted under the bottom base angle using the original cutting edge bolts.
Individual suggesting mounting procedures will be sent with all blades.

You can use this form New & Used Parts to enquire about pricing and availability.



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