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Here is what one of our customers has to say about his new Fisher XLS wing edges wearing out faster than he expected:


12-28-07 - Posted on by Pickering Snow;

"Again a big thanks to Jerre and Greg Blair for getting these edges from paper, to molds, to Midland, MI in three weeks.

First pic is the second set of stock edges Jerre sent two weeks ago before we had a major storm. The XLS has eaten two sets of edges in 60 hrs of plowing. We knew at 260 dollars a set for the stockers something had to be done. I was promised a replacement set from Fisher but that's been over three weeks ago and they're still not here

Second pic is the Jerre/ Polar designed edges with built in curb guards something I asked about in the beginning as metal has been removed running the worn out stockers.

Third pic is the New edges on the XLS. The truck has been pushing for about two hours with them on and out of the box little to no chatter and cleaning to pavenment...

"More pics of the New Erie Edges again a big thanks to that little guy in Erie and Polar Edge's "Greg Blair". These edges will fit the Wide out as well and the concern I would have as an owner of a company with Fisher is we're still into Dec and had it not been for Jerre and Greg I would have burned up 520 bucks in edges with 4 months of pushing weather left up here.

I think those that have used Polar products know that not all U Edge material is compounded the same as evident with the Stock Fisher units. Like I said before I have two seasons on the same material on Danger Wings with little wear. These edges will be available thru Jerre's Service, Erie Pa. He owns the molds. Email him for pricing and shipping info."



"The new edges are pushing close to 30 hrs now and show no signs of wear. Imagine that

For more info on these edges, give us a call or send us an e mail!

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