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2009 NTEA Show Pictures

For all of you guys looking for info from the 2009 NTEA show in Chicago here's some links to Pics and some short write ups from some of the booths we were at. Spent three days on the floor and always find a need for more time. A lot of the vendors cut down on booth size, but it seemed that there were more overall. Lighting and vehicle camera systems seemed to be big this year and most of the "new offerings" were in these areas. Truck manufacturers had some hints to the future and it looks like the Diesels are going to be in for a big change. Hope you enjoy these, and please feel free to email with questions or sign up and post on

Jerre and Tom

Pics are courtesy of Jerre, Tom, BJ Kelso and several others that we traded pics and videos with at the show.


We have literally hundreds of pics from the show and we will be adding more and more as time allows. Enjoy!


Western Plows NTEA 2009 Pics

Fisher Plows NTEA 2009 Pics

Blizzard Plows NTEA 2009 Pics

Air Flo Plows and Spreaders NTEA 2009 Pics

More coming soon!

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